Today was my kids’ Preschool’s Thanksgiving Feast, and we signed up to bring dessert (as always!!!). I decided to keep it simple for Little Man’s classroom, as the babies in his class are all just past their first birthdays. So we made some yummy pumpkin bread. Miss E’s class got pumpkin bread too, but we wanted something more fun than plain old bread, so we made Turkey Cake Pops with it!! (I’ve had several inquiries as to my Turkey Pops, so here is the link to where I found instructions – we just used pumpkin bread instead of spice cake!) So last night we baked and decorated, and then today was their Fun Feast!! As a side note, on Tuesday Miss E’s class made place mats for their party today, and on them “wrote” what they were thankful for.  My sweet child’s place mat says: “I am thankful for my brother and cake.”  :)  Enjoy – but Little Man asked that you please not laugh at the boo boo on his nose . . . he did a face-plant into the carpet the other day and has a nasty rug burn :(

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